Wilmslow Triathlon

24th April 2022

Provisional Timetable

07:00 Registration opens, Transition opens

07:45 First competitors (Double Sprint) arrive at poolside, starter starts them into the water

08:00 First Swimmers Out

12:15 (approx) Last group of competitors start the swim leg

15:15 (approx) Last competitors complete the whole course


An awesome Sprint triathlon suitable for a first timer with a safe and clean pool based swim in Wilmslow leisure centre with controlled lanes and seeded starts, which as the day moves on turns into an early season opener for the seasoned triathlete. With something for everyone to make the event go forward its a perfect day in the spring calendar.

Aqua Bike = Swim and Bike

Aquathlon = Swim and Run

Double Sprint = Twice the distance in one.

800m Swim

48.2km Cycle (2 laps)

12.4 Run (2 laps)

Venue Address:

Station Rd,

Rectory Fields,


SK9 1BU.


The Swim


16 lengths in the 25m heated pool, get there in plenty of time and watch the swim unfold in front of you.

The Bike

24.2 km

Undulating but forgiving bike course with a suburban start until you are out on the open roads of Wilmslow and the surrounding towns. Couple of cheeky climbs to keep you honest but nothing that would overly worry novice / experienced athlete alike. Back to the Leisure centre for the Run.

The Run


After a quick change you are on the run, nothing too steep, nothing too flat, mixed terrain, but most trainers will be suited to this environment. Follow the signs and obey the marshalls instructions and you will be through the finish to collect your medal.


The 4th discipline...

Here are some tips to make race day a little bit smoother.

1) Layout your kit in the order you need it. (Always put helmet on first!)

2) What row are you in?

3) Make a note of how far you are from "swim in", walk the route and count the steps, it will help you remember your racking slot when you come out of the water.

4) Look for landmarks (Flags, kiosks, trees) level with your space to give a visual reference to where your spot is. (once you get near you should see the bike and your towel.

5) Don't panic, slow is smooth, smooth is fast!

By doing the above you can save minutes off your time, practice putting your kit on and off, it will make you efficient come race day!