Weather Updates

Weather Considerations

We currently plan to proceed as normal however should weather conditions forecast to be worse the current situation then we may need to modify the event.

There are some things you can do to help us along.

  • Wrap up warm and bring spare dry kit
  • Ensure you write your emergency contact details on the back of your race number
  • If this is your first half or challenge you could consider dropping down a distance on the day especially if you are training for spring Marathon where a cough or cold could set you back
  • Start with more layer that you need, Nipping to the local charity shops might yield some cheap tops that you can dump at the water station
  • If you are doing the Duathlon then bring wheels that are NOT deep sections either as spares or alternatives.
  • Again Duathletes. perhaps an extra jacket for the bike section along with gloves
  • If the weather does show poor temperature or high wind chill we will neutralise transition, this will enable you to spend longer in transition without affecting your overall time.