Videos for Newbies

Feeling Confused?

When you enter your first triathlon you probably have a lot of questions about what to wear and when to wear it.   We have grabbed a few videos for you from the wizard that is Triathlon Taren who is himself a zero to hero kinda guy.

Bad Advice

These are the five worst pieces of advice triathletes get with regards to their triathlon training, this applies to triathlon swim advice, cycling tips, triathlon training plan creation, triathlon running technique and all triathletes from beginner triathletes to expert triathletes will get these triathlon tips at some point in their race career. 

10 Race Day Tips

Beginner triathletes are often very nervous for their first triathlon race regardless of whether it's a sprint distance triathlon, and olympic triathlon, a half-ironman, or a full ironman triathlon. These 10 tips for beginner triathletes will help get you start in triathlon. 

Are You Ready?

Thinking about doing a triathlon? Here's how beginner triathletes can know if they're ready for their first sprint or Olympic distance triathlon. Triathlon Taren discusses the amount beginner triathletes need to train and when they can enter their first triathlon, specifically sprint and Olympic triathlons because half-ironman and ironman triathlons require much more triathlon training.